[Download] Gacha Nox MOD (APK) For Android, iOS, & PC

Gacha Nox is not just another gacha mod, it is a very unique and stylish mod in the Gacha community. This app is developed by Noxula, a very popular name in the community known for its marvelous Gacha mods.

It is a modified version of Gacha Club, a very popular game for Android devices with over 100 million installs.

The theme of the application is pink with newly added features like new Jackets, shoes, accessories, Shirt logos, Face designs, props, pants, shirts, and much more to come.

In this article, we will discuss how to install and download Gacha Nox MOD for Android (APK), iOS, and PC/Windows devices.

Gacha Nox Mod APK for Android, iOS, Windows(PC)

What is Gacha Nox MOD?

Gacha Nox is a game-changer for all gacha lovers. It’s been a long time since a mod this great was made.

This mod is created by Noxula your favourite gachatuber. Gacha Nox is finally out with all the features as it was promised.

The best part about this mod is its quality. The developer took their time to make the best out of it. The players who are playing this mod for the first time are going to love this.

Our site’s matrices show that this is the most downloaded Gacha MOD with 100k downloads and counting.

By the above stats, you can tell how popular this game has become.

You can download this mod for free from our website (gachaverse.club)

Why Gacha Nox Is So Good?

Gacha Nox is an Android game where you can create and customize anime and manga-style characters similar to the Gacha Club but with more amazing features.

If have played gacha club earlier or any Gacha mod then this version of the game is an upgrade from graphics to gameplay.

If you are still wondering what’s so special about this game, then we will give you our personal opinion, it offers you to export and import data from games like Gacha Club or any other similar games.

So that you can easily import customized characters and their settings from other games.

How To Get Gacha Nox MOD

We have listed different types of MOD files to Download. You just need to decide which device you usually prefer to play the game whether it is an Android, Windows, or iOS.

Currently, the MOD is only available for Android (APK) and Windows devices and soon will be available for iOS devices.

If the PC version is not working then you can use Android emulators like Bluestacks, MeMU Play, Nox Player, etc. They will help you run Android games on your PC.

How To Download Gacha Nox MOD APK

Downloading Gacha Nox APK is a very simple task. Below we have given a direct download link for the APK file.

Once you click on the Download button your download will start automatically.

How To Install the APK Files

  • Open the Downloaded APK and click on the Install button.
  • It will ask you if you want to install the application click on yes.
  • The application will be installed, open it and enjoy.
Application NameGacha Nox
App Versionv1.1.0 32bit, 64bit (Latest)
File size175 MB
RequirementsAndroid v5.0 or above
Updated30 minutes ago

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How To Download Gacha Nox MOD For PC

We have made it simple for you to download the Gacha Nox MOD file for your Windows devices, as we have attached a direct Download link below.

  • Firstly Click On The Download Button Below
  • The file will automatically start to download.
  • Now Click on the Downloaded MOD File and Install it.

Congratulations You have installed the latest version of the Gacha Nox MOD, open it and enjoy.

How To Download Gacha Nox MOD For iOS

Unfortunately, the MOD is not available for iOS users, because it is not possible to upload the mod application in the app store due to security reasons.
But don’t worry developers are looking for solutions, if there will be any update then you will be notified, just Bookmark the website (gachaverse.club).

Features of Gacha Nox MOD

Designing a game character and customizing it takes a lot of time but with this mod, you can customize your game character however you want.

This way you will be able to style your gacha character faster and easier than ever. Below we have mentioned a list of features this mod offers.

Game Interface

The interface is quite similar to the original gacha Club game but with tons of new features. The UI design for this game is Soft Pink.

What’s New

  1. Now you can easily customize 300+ new items.
  2. New eye-catching foregrounds and backgrounds are available.
  3. Bug Fixes with the update.
  4. Added Pupil masking, now pupils will no longer go outside the eye whites.
  5. Fullscreen Startup for the Windows version.
  6. Available in 32bit and 64bit for Android devices.
  7. It comes with the Gacha Club full version.
  8. Added new melodious music.
  9. New Poses might be added in future updates.


Gacha Nox Mod APK screenshot
Gacha Nox Mod APK screenshot
Gacha Nox Mod APK screenshot

Will There Be an Update for Gacha Nox MOD

The Gacha Nox is a popular mod in the Gacha community and the game is constantly evolving and you will see many new updates and events regularly.

It is an addictive game, but it is not the original version of the game because it’s a modified version.

It means if there will be an update for this application then you have to manually update the game by re-installing it.

You might be worried about the data loss, but don’t worry, you just need to export the game files and import them after re-installing the updated version of the game.

Bookmark our website now (gachaverse.club) for any future latest updates and other Gacha Mods.


What’s Gacha Nox?

This is one of the best gacha mods available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices similar to the popular versions of the game like Gacha Life, and Gacha Club.

Is Gacha Nox Good?

This game is trending in the Gacha Community and everyone is in love with this latest version.

Is Gacha Nox a Real Game?

Yes, It is a revolutionary game for anime and Gacha lovers.

What Is Gacha Nox Mod?

It is the modified version of the original popular game “Gacha Club.” It’s a fan-made mod for gacha lovers.

Gacha Nox Features?

< 300+ new items.
< New eye-catching foregrounds and backgrounds are < < available.
< Bug Fixes with the update.
< Added Pupil masking.
< Fullscreen for PC version.
< Gacha Club full version.
< New music.
< New Poses.


Gacha Nox mod will be a game changer for all Gacha lovers, with this app you can turn your imagination into reality. Gacha Nox is not just this there is much more to come soon.

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Gacha Nox is not just another gacha mod, it is a very unique and stylish mod in the Gacha community. This app is developed by Noxula, a very popular name in the community known for its marvelous Gacha mods.

Price: Free

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Android 5.0, Windows 7, iPhone 5s or above.

Application Category: Game

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